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Round Table Suriname

The Roundtable Suriname is a member of Round Table International and was founded in Paramaribo, Suriname on 14 July 1955 by Ab Judell.
In line with Round Table International we are a social networking and charitable club which consists of men in the age category 25 plus – early 40’s who value friendship, fun, charity and personal development. Our members are from different professions, positions and industries in our organization.

Together we strive to foster local and international friendship in order to have fun and enjoy life, to learn from each other and to add value to our community.

NEW BOARD 2022 – 2023

On saturday June 25th 2022 Roundtable 1 Paramaribo held their Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2022.
At this meeting the past president Fadil Illes, and his fellow board members, handed over the leadership of Roundtable 1 Paramaribo to the new president Donovan Leysner and his board.

The new board consists of Donovan Leysner (president), Dasten Smit (Secretary), Fardien Pierkhan (treasurer) and Raoul van Zichem (IRO).

The new board pledges to keep the values of Roundtable 1 Paramaribo strong, the bond between its members tight, and to bring the table to new heights.

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