Round Table Suriname 60 year anniversary

Dear Tablers,


In the Table we learn to adapt, adopt and improve in life. Looking back at the past 5 years we really did just that. With a new wind of Tablers a much needed change came about. The Table culture had to adapt and adopt to newer greater visions. We felt that this was the right time to change our banner and upgrade our logo for the RT Suriname. The Table spirit had its ups and downs but we can safely say that we have improved and are now constantly improving and growing. With larger events such as the BUBU party we are also able to do more charity and involve ourselves more internationally with the focus in our region.

We are now celebrating our 60th anniversary and even though I cannot imagine how much fun it must have been way back then…. For now I’m forever putting it in ink, that 60 years later we are still the best organization in the world. Brothers from “another mother” I hope you will enjoy our program as we have put the best that we have in 4 days of Suriname Tabling-fun to share with you. Thanks for being here in celebrating our 60 years Round Table Suriname.

Download our 60 year anniversary book here.